A consulting, marketing and
e-commerce development company

Investing knowledge in  projects visions products ideas thougts

Our work principles


Sharing the risk with you

Our compensation models reflect the results delivered. When you succeed, we succeed.


On the market as soon as possible

We follow the 80/20 rule. Testing, immediately evaluating, and improving on the go MVP.



We sprint when needed. At the same time, we push where others have failed or stopped before they even started just because of fear.

How we create your stories


Getting to know your business & mutual chemistry

We'll start by getting to know each other better and see if it works for us. We will introduce you to your business' independent vision and how it can come to fruition right now, usually in the form of a workshop.

If it doesn't work out, you will receive the outcomes and independent recommendation regardless, so you can follow up quickly.

How will we cooperate?

Standard cooperation

In the beginning, you will receive an offer to be used as guidelines—a fixed amount and time allocation with exact results.

Performance cooperation

We will divide our cooperation into a fixed and performance part. We set the performance criteria together.

Partnership or joint venture

We will divide our cooperation into a fixed and performance part. We set the performance criteria together.


Creating shared vision

In the beginning, we presented you with an independent vision. Now we connect it to your experience and expertise.



We break down the vision into specific activities and evaluate them according to complexity, profit, and other criteria.


First version of a product…

… website or marketing. We will launch this version on the market as soon as possible.


Measurement & fast iterations

Following up on the findings, we rapidly improve and launch the other versions.


Fulfilling the vision

We have solid foundations, and we gradually build on what we have, based on the objectives described in the shared vision.

We created many stories like this

Internet / Satellite TV provider

Development of customer zone and transformation of customer care

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Mockup Telly

Traditional Moravian Winery

From cellar door to e-commerce

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Personalized stickers for kids

From the Czech Republic
to the global market

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Another clients and partners


And what about your story?

Let's create it now

But we also build our own business

We establish separate and independently functioning subsidiaries for projects originating in our team.

Santa's postcard

Santa's postcard

Pozdrav od Ježíška s. r. o.

Make your children and friends happy

More about the company


Metrák s. r. o.

Revolution in a waste collection

More about the company
Travel advisor

Travel advisor

with accurate weather data

Find a holiday precisely according to your ideas

Launch 2021

The anatomy of experience available at your disposal

Concept & Design

Everything we need to launch the first version of your product on the market.

  • Product proposition
  • UX & UI design
  • User testing
  • Market strategy

Canvas Business Model

integritty is created by people

Meet our Team & Company Culture
Patrik Postelt
Dominik Dědiček
Martin Kučera
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Results Delivery

We will mix all marketing channels to deliver the desired result

  • Performance marketing
  • CRM marketing
  • Business analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads

Solution development

We have platforms for simple websites and large-scale systems so that we always get the result effectively.

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Websites & landing pages
  • Web applications