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E-shop MonikaČerná.com combines the tailoring tradition with modern technologies. After a personal focus, the customer can order business, casual, or everyday clothing based on accurate visualizations.

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Our task was to synthesize traditional, in-person tailoring with the convenience of digital commerce to create an ordering environment that satisfies even the most demanding customers.



We transferred hundreds of sample books featuring various cuts and accessories to the e-shop, where customers can design clothing according to their personal taste. The e-shop is connected with a customized ordering system developed for fashion consultants who work with their customer on an iPad to place an order for production. We connected both the e-shop and the ordering interface to a CRM system that provides comprehensive data about each customer.


Through the introduction of the e-shop, we have enabled Monika Černá Tailoring to serve a significantly larger customer base without altering the reputation of the business, the experience of its clients, or the quality of the tailoring.

Clients opinion

I see the launch of the e-shop only as the first step in the transformation of the whole segment, whose leader we want to become thanks to digital innovations.

Monika Černá Owner

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