Revolution in waste collection

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Disruption of the industrial market

Thanks to the close connection of carriers and waste terminals, we can accurately calculate the price, availability and then mediate the container’s online order to any location.


50 + involved suppliers
80 % coverage of the Czech Republic
2 000 on development and consultation

Partner says

Together with integritty, we strive to modernize and simplify the waste market for both end-users and B2B. I have been in business for more than 20 years and have successfully built a company that belongs to one of the largest service providers today.

Ing. Martin Hinterholzinger Partner of the company

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Internet/Satellite TV provider

Development of customer zone and transformation of customer care

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Mockup Telly

Traditional Moravian Winery

From cellar door to e-commerce

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Personalized stickers for kids

From the Czech Republic to the global market

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Dominik Dědiček
Dominik Dědiček, partner