How to teach a retail company to sell directly to end customers?


Switching focus to the end customer

Large chains and restaurants are the main business channels for the Spielberg winery. In 2019, we designed and implemented a strategy for Spielberg that focuses on end customers. What looks just like a new e-shop on the outside is a gradual transformation of the whole company.

Spielberg offer


For many years, the Spielberg winery has focused primarily on retail chains and a network of partners. That solves relatively few but large orders. Our task was to change the company’s thinking so that wine is sold not only on pallets, but also in bottles. In addition to the company’s mindset, we also had to change several internal processes.

How we proceeded



The whole project started with a thorough analysis of internal processes in the dispatch of orders. Subsequently, we designed an end-customer-oriented strategy that reflected the specifics of the operation of the Spielberg winery. Based on the plan, we prepared a complete prototype of the website, which also contained a B2B section, and significantly reduced the sales team’s manual work. We carefully tested the prototype’s accuracy with real customers and, based on that, prepared a graphic design, solution specifications, and recommended suitable technological paths. Together with the client, we finally decided to develop with the Prestashop platform. We linked it to the ERP system, and across both tools, managed automation to shorten the shipping time and reduce manual labor.


Thanks to the launch of the e-shop, supported by process automation and a shift in the sales teams’ mindset, we helped the Spielberg winery go directly to end customers. And at the same time, it significantly reduces the amount of work related to managing the B2B partners.

Client says

"The integritty team has helped us take the first but crucial step on the path to the end customer."

JUDr. Jaroslav Javornický Owner

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