Spielberg winery From wine cellar to e-commerce

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The main business channels for the Spielberg winery are large chains and restaurants. In 2019, we designed and implemented a strategy for Spielberg that focuses on B2C. What appears to simply be a new e-shop actually indicates a gradual transformation of the whole company.

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For many years, the Spielberg winery has focused mainly on retail chains and a network of partners. They fulfilled many bulk orders. Our task was to alter the company’s approach by expanding their range of products to include not only pallets of wine but also individual bottles.


The project was preceded by a thorough analysis of the internal process involved in order dispatch. Subsequently, we designed an end-customer-oriented strategy that reflected the unique offerings of the Spielberg winery. Based on that strategy, we prepared a complete prototype of the website, which also included a B2B section, significantly reducing the amount of manual labor required of the sales team.

We tested the prototype with real customers and used the results to prepare graphic designs, a solution specification, and recommended suitable technological paths forward. Together with the client, we decided to develop on the Prestashop platform, which we interconnected with the ERP system; integrating the two tools provided an automation solution to reduce shipping time and manual labor.


Thanks to the introduction of the Spielberg.cz e-shop, which is supported by process automation and a revised mindset for the sales teams, we helped Spielberg winery cater directly to the end customers while significantly reducing the amount of work related to the B2B partners service.

Clients opinion

The Integritty team helped us to take the first but very important step towards the end customer.

JUDr. Jaroslav Javornický Owner

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